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Studio Policies




Students are expected to regularly attend classes in order to progress and learn essential choreography.  With 2 performances students will be learning new choreography each week, so any student missing more than 2 classes between September and December / 4 classes between January and June will be required to attend private lessons to learn missed choreography at the instructor's hourly rate.  Any student more than 15-20 minutes late to a class will be asked to observe class.  



  • Please have student’s hair pulled out of face, low ponytail, bun, or braid are recommended.

      (Intermediate and Advanced Ballet students MUST have their hair pulled back into a bun.)

  • All students are required to have the proper shoes for class.  

    • NO Laces  

    • NO Bedroom Slippers

  • All students taking ballet classes / combination classes are required to wear a leotard and tights.



  • NO Jeans

  • NO Baggy Tops

  • NO T-Shirts

  • NO Sweatshirts

  • NO Soffe ( Cheer / Soccer ) Shorts

  • A leotard and tights are required under "booty shorts."

  • Hip Hop students are required to wear clothing that covers the knee.   

  • Student's who are not appropriately dressed for class will be asked to observe.



Please note all age and grade specifications are guidelines...all students will be placed in the appropriate classes based upon behavior and technical ability, so please allow 1-2 weeks for our staff to evaluate which class will be best for your child.  We want all of our students to grow, learn, and most of all have fun...we never want our students to feel discouraged or bored in a class!  


This also goes without saying that Tu Left Feet will NOT tolerate students or parents who are disrespectful toward other students or instructors.  We strive to create a positive learning environment for all of our students and reserve the right to dismiss any child or parent for inappropriate behavior at any given time during class or performances.  


Parents are not allowed to sit in regular classes, unless invited by an instructor.  


Parents are not allowed to sit in the auditorium during dress rehearsals...we have plenty of volunteers and would like parents to be surprised by all of our students' hard work at our performances!  

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