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tu LEFT FEET boutique


           *Any solid color t-shirt with black sweatpants or basketball shorts.


Depending on genre of dance class:

           *Black Leather Ballet Shoes

           *Black (Full Sole) Tap Shoes (No Ties - MUST Slip On)

           *Black (Split Sole) Jazz Shoes (No Ties - MUST Slip On)

           *Black Pastry Grid Sneakers

           *Black Ghillies/Gillies

Dress Leotard
Lace Sleeve Leotard
Attached TuTu Leotard
Lavender Attached Skirt Leotard
Lace Skirt Leotard
Bow Back Lace Skirt
Adult Lace Back Leotard
Dress Leotard

Class  Shoes + Attire also available at...

Ellman's Dancewear


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